Jordanian Fertility Unit highly specialized advisory unit An extension of 9 branches operating in 5 countries for more than 25 prominent years, Dr. Fawzi Abu Humaidan (first consultant fertilization and pelvic children) under the auspices of the Health Care Center for School Children in Germany – Leipzig. The unit has been provided with all the latest technologies, devices and advanced treatment methods, to match the international centers in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction. High-quality Jordanian medical staff to provide the best medical services. Fertility and children’s group centers, center Jordan: * Fertility Center Specialist Hospital – Amman Fertility Center Gardens Hospital – Amman Germany: * Leipzig Center for Fertility and Genetics Chemnitz Center for Fertility and Genetics Libya: * – Jordanian German Center – Tripoli Salah El-Din Fertility Center – Tripoli Palestine: * – Jordanian Consulting Center – Gaza Kurdistan Region: * – Jordanian Fertility Unit, Erbil, Packing Hospital The center provides the following services: – IVF washing operations (ICSI) Artificial insemination (vaginal injection) American Advanced Laser for Referred Embryos- – Determining the gender of the fetus before return Examination of fetuses to detect genetic diseases Andrology operations on appropriate sperms Freezing of embryos and cells using the latest international methods Pregnancy follow-up and risk and treatment of pregnancy and pregnancy Treatment of gynecological diseases and hormonal imbalance – Endoscopes for women of all kinds Jordanian Fertility Unit Sections * Clinics Department