Emergency department in PAKY Hospital is the first contact to the patients and the core of the hospital that’s why we provided most professional Doctors & Medical staffs in our emergency department they have most skills in how to approach critical ill patients and how to deal with patient who need support and relatives who need advice about how to deal to their patients at home, also with our emergency department which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week .

We have Lab, Pharmacy and X-Ray departments which are available at any time, emergency department will receive any patient at any time and any age that’s why we provided general doctors in our emergency department which include:


  • Dr. Hiwa Zrar
  • Dr. Gaylan Sherzad
  • Dr. Kosrat Kareem
  • Visiting Time:           24 Hours
  • Located Place:          Ground Floor, walk with red line on the ground from the reception
  • Contact Number:    +964 750 995 00 05