The Department of Dialysis at PAKY Hospital provided diagnostic and therapeutic care to both inpatient and outpatient patients with kidney failure. Where we deal with all cases ranging from acute kidney infections to kidney stones and rare kidney disorders that may eventually lead to chronic kidney failure.

The department’s specialists work in close collaboration with their colleagues in the Department of Internal Medicine, the Departments of Surgery and Intensive Care, and Radiology, as well as social workers. This cooperation is based on the principles of mutual understanding and respect, with our primary goal of helping patients and improving their quality of life.


Therapeutic Services:

We specialize in providing the following services:

Fullcare hemodialysis (chronic) and peritoneal dialysis: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD).

  • Located Place:               First Floor
  • Visit Hours:                    Depending on Patient and appointments
  • Contact Number:          0750 412 50 33