About Us

Board of Directors

The Hospital is managed by a Board of Directors. There are weekly General Meetings of the Board of Directors and at these meetings the certain decisions, resolving problems, managerial regulations, new circumstances information, PAKY position, new improvements, reviewing different partner’s contract, new contracting, and managerial activities will be discussed. An extra-ordinary meeting of the Board may be requested by not less than five members of the Board or By the Management Committee.

In addition to the general meetings which will be held every 2 to 3 months to update our partners about the advances and changes in the hospital.

The Board composed of the following members :

  • Dr. Saleem Saaed Zangna            President
  • Dr. Sadiq Aziz Sadiq                       Member
  • Dr. Amir Majid Baqal                     Member
  • Dr. Yasameen Abdulmajid           Member
  • Dr. Ghafur Ghareeb Barznji         Member
  • Dr. Hoshmand Najmaldin            Member
  • Dr. Arsalan Abdulla Shem            Member
  • Dr. Narmeen Taha Mustafa         Member