We have been serving and offering physical therapy treatments since 2012 in Erbil, Kurdistan. Our work is focusing on one very important thing, which is your RECOVERY.We make a plan and together work with it towards the goal, to get you back on track and ready to face the adventures of your life.

There are many types of Rehabilitation Therapy, every one of them with a goal of restore your health as soon as possible in its own way. Recovery from orthopedic surgery, neurologic surgery, sports-related injury, stroke or other medical issues.

At our center you can get the following treatments:

Physical Therapy: which is to improve movement dysfunction. Including orthopedic soft tissue injuries caused as a result of leisure, sports, work or motor vehicle related
accidents. Manual therapy techniques is highly effective and scientifically proven to lower back
pain, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, sacroiliac pain, knees injuries, ankle injuries, shoulder pain and wrist pain.

Occupational Therapy: focusing on restoring your ability to do necessary daily activities like restoring balance, improving fine motor skills.

Respiratory Therapy: this kind of therapy is for those whom have breathing disorder or difficulties, to help them maintain open airways and, when necessary, learn how to use inhalers and supplemental oxygen properly.

Pediatric Rehabilitation: physical therapy for children that have trouble rolling over, sitting up, walking, those whom wont bear weight on legs, poor coordination, orthopedic and neurologic problems. Our therapists considers if the child is in need of any kind of orthoses to the benefit of your child.

  • Located place:         Fourth Floor
  • Contact Number:   0750 190 8804 – 0750 995 0002